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Welcome to the DIY Funeral Website

Firstly, you are probably here because you have lost a loved one. I am sorry for your loss. I have lost both my parents and when planning their funerals I sadly found that there was a lot of misinformation that I had to sift through. I hope that this website will help you to know how simply you can organise a very special and also affordable DIY funeral.

There is NO legal requirement for you to use a Funeral Director. You can probably do far more for your Loved One on their final journey than you may realise.

And, as I have found, you will be rewarded with the satisfaction that you have done something very special to honour the person you have loved.

You can plan and achieve an affordable alternative to using a Funeral Director that can be far more meaningful for you and your family in your time of grief.

I completely planned and conducted both of my own parents funerals, made their caskets and oversaw all aspects of their journey to their final resting place. It was a very rewarding and satisfying experience that also immensely helped me to work through my personal grief. Friends have persuaded me to share my experience and journey with others.

My aim with this website is to assist and guide you through ALL the steps of planning a funeral to help you create an affordable, dignified and respectful Funeral or Memorial to honour the person you love.


During all of the New Zealand COVID-19 LOCKDOWN levels we are recognised as an ESSENTIAL SERVICE and are able to supply caskets / coffins as normal at all covid lockdown levels.

Orders for caskets can be placed by phoning
Robert on 0274 502 573 or
email to

We have freight arrangements in place to most of NZ during all levels of Covid-19 lockdown.

Legal Information and Paperwork

There is a moderate amount of information that the person organising a funeral has to find, whether or not you use a Funeral Director. For example, a Funeral Director can fill in the Notification of Death for the Registrar of Deaths, but filling in the form is the easy part. The hard work of finding the required information has to be done by YOU as the family member or person organising the funeral. This page (click here) will guide you with a list of all the information that you will need to find so as to register the death (and also how to do so without paying any fees).

There is some paperwork needing to be done to have either a burial or a cremation. It is really quite simple and I demystify the paperwork (click here).

Other Useful Information

Do you want an earth burial, a cremation, or possibly a sea burial? Or what about bequesting your body to medical science? Click here for Guide to Planning a Funeral.

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